I am an artist inspired by life and the beauty of the natural world.

I love travelling and exploring new places in our big wide world!

My love has always been nature photography, wildlife and flowers because of the myriads of colors and species nature has to offer.

Making photographs for me is searching for beauty, enjoying nature. I would like to make people more aware of the tiny details in nature that is often missed, learning to stop and taking the time to admire the small details and the way everything is related. A lot of things in photography attract me. If I try to define these, it comes down to being impressed. Impressed by the myriads of colors and shapes nature has to offer. To me photography means being totally absorbed in the beauty of creation - beauty often hidden in small things, that is why I love macro photography! Looking carefully at the small things of our world makes me conscious of the vulnerability of our world. Photographs indeed make people all over the world realize that we have to take better care of the earth entrusted to us. There is so much beauty in plants, animals, landscapes and such a variety of foods that we could never be bored! If people learn to see and appreciate the beauty of creation through the way I see things, then I am the happiest photographer!

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